The Alta Vista Community Association's (AVCA) Parks and Green Space Committee (PGSC) is holding a competition to rename the

Heron Corridor Green Space

The Heron Corridor Green Space was originally one part of the Gréber established interior greenbelt.  The land was sold by the National Capital Commission in 1995 and the 25 acres (10ha) was acquired by the City of Ottawa which renamed it as the Heron Corridor Green Space.  Through the sale and renaming of the land the original intent of it being a “living memorial” was lost. 

This competition aims to re-establish the national significance of this land.

This competition is an opportunity to ensure that current and future generations understand and remember that the layout of Canada's Capital, with its Greenbelt and Interior Green Spaces, was to be a living memorial to Canada's achievements during the Second World War.

LANDING CRAFT TRAINING before Dieppe raid, France, August 1942

Source: Department of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada PA-113244

Canada made a significant contribution in the Second World War, far greater than might have been expected of a country so young and with such a small population - only 11 million people. Renaming the

Heron Corridor Green Space

provides an opportunity, for you, to highlight one aspect of Canada's achievements during the Second World War:

a battle, an event, a program or a hero.

V.E. DAY PARADE   London, England, August 1946

Source: Gillian Godwin

Background Image: Aerial photo, Ottawa, 1945 – Heron Corridor area

Source: University of Ottawa; Geographical, Statistical and Government Information Centre